Repurposed Antique Mechanics Creeper Bench


Antique, primitive mechanics creeper repurposed into a bench. Perfect for an entryway or mudroom. The finished dimensions of the bench are 17 1/2” high x 15” deep X 4’ 2 3/8” long. 

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This bench is a sturdy, rustic piece that is perfect for an entryway or mudroom. The bottom shelf is great for baskets, shoes, or anything else you want to tuck under there. Repurposed from an antique mechanics creeper! Heavy duty pipe fittings and the original wheels bring this to a comfortable sitting height.

antique primitive mechanics creeper

The repurposed bench was created by Sarah Binder…here’s how it came to be:

The antique creeper was one of those finds where I looked at it, said to myself, “This is neat! But what am I going to do with it?” So I kept walking, bought a few other things, left and went grocery shopping…then came back! I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities and even though I didn’t quite know what this would turn into, I decided I just couldn’t pass it up! Maybe a shelf or two shelves, or a table top…but I wanted to keep the wheels and the essence of the primitive piece. And those wheels…I’m a sucker for rusty metal, I really wanted to incorporate them into the finished piece! After a few days of thinking I decided on a bench.

closeup of wheel on antique mechanics creeper

First step to any repurposed piece, cleaning. So I removed the wheels carefully cleaned the years of garage grime from each one. And they turned out beautiful!

The point of no return was cutting the bench in half. But the primitive creeper deserved to have a new life as a functional bench! After some sanding, sealing, and assembling with the pipe fixtures I couldn’t be happier with the finished project.

The finished dimensions of the bench are 17 1/2” high x 15” deep X 4’ 2 3/8” long
Available for local pick up only. Item includes bench only, props are used for display purposes only.

in process antique mechanic creepers bench